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Media Madness
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Tuesday October 15, 2002
Today you are to work on your storyboards for your Forsythe commercial.  I have provided information to help you get started.  Clicking on the links below will take you to sites about storyboarding.  Use these links to help you create your Forsythe commercial storyboard.  There is also a link to an iMovie tutorial which should prove useful later in your project.

Friday October 11, 2002

Today you will be exploring a web site that will inform you of the creative process in creating movies.  You are to explore the site looking for ideas that you might be able to apply to your Forsythe commercial project.  As you explore the site write down things you learned on each of the pages that might be useful in your own creative process or that you didn't know before.  I will expect you to hand in these notes at the end of class today. 


Just click on the keyboard below to begin your creative investigation!