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Your Forsythe commercial project, due Monday October 28th, in which you will be working as teams and using a digital camera and the iMovie software to create commercials for Forsythe Middle School must meet the following guidelines:
1.  It must include two commercials; one is to be directed at an audience of prospective Forsythe students, and the other must target a parent audience of prospective Forsythe students.  Remember that these are different demographic groups so the commercials must have a different appeal for each.
(50 points each; 100 points total)
2.  You must provide a storyboard for each commercial that illustrates each of your scenes or clips.
(25 points)
3.  You must turn in a script outline for each commercial.
(25 points)
4.  Each commercial should be no less than 30 seconds long and no longer than one minute.
(25 points)
5.  The Forsythe School Improvement Goals should be mentioned in at least one of the commercials.
(25 points)
6.  The Forsythe web site should be mentioned in at least one of the commercials. 
(20 points)
7.  If possible, Mr. Madison should appear in at least one of the commercials.
(25 bonus points)
8.  There should be shots of Forsythe's exterior, the Media center, and any other areas of the school you feel would be important to each of the demographic target groups.
(20 points)
9.  Each commercial should be made up of at least four to eight different shots, clips, or scenes.
(20 points)
10.  Each commercial must include at least three transition effects.
(20 points)
11.  Each commercial must be preceded by a title clip, and followed by a credits clip.  The credits clip must include the names of the team members and a thank you to Ms. Chambers and Mr. Soto for their help in this project.
(20 points)
12.  Your commercials must make use of audio soundtracks.  These soundtracks may be verbal script and/or music.
(25 points)
13.  If you wish to appear in your or other students' commercials you must  turn in a signed parent permission slip.
14.  Each team member will be evaluated by other team members for equal participation in the project from start to finish.  This evaluation of each other will be part of the final grade, and I will provide forms for each of you at the end of the project to use for your peer evaluations.  Remember that all are to participate as equally as possible!  The peer evaluation will comprise an additional 30 points towards the final grade.  Total possible points are: 355 + 25 possible bonus points for a total of 380 possible points.
15.  Lastly, spread your creative wings and let your imagination soar!  Create something in which you can take pride and have as much fun as you can!!!