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NOVEMBER 25, 2002

     Your task today is to find information at a website regarding stocks and the stock market.  In addition, you will answer a question at another website.  You will receive a questionnaire on which to record the information you find.  The links below will take you to the websites that will have the information you need.  You are to record your answers on the questionnaire where indicated. 


     After going to the Stocks and Stock Market link you should begin by reading the Introduction to How Stocks and the Stock Market Work.  The links that you will need to explore will be the six that appear immediately below the Introduction and are titled: A Simple Example, The Basic Idea, Corporations, Stock Prices, Stock Averages, and Exchanges & Brokers.  You may answer the questions on the questionnaire I gave you as you discover the answers. To answer the Internet question click on the Question link, enter the site, click on the skateboarder and answer this month's question.  If you do not finish answering the question during class it is to be finished as homework due tomorrow.

Today you will be going to a website that details much of Math's history from its earliest time.  Your task will be to decide which period interests you the most and create a brief report on that period which will be due Friday.  In the report you should mention why the particular period interested you, what happened during the period to advance mathematical knowledge, and how that knowledge is used in today's world.  The report should be no less than one page and no more than two pages long and is worth 30 points.  You may find much information at the web site, but you need to also include in your report results of web searching you did on your own to discover more information on the period you chose.  You must include in your report what other web site you discovered that gave further information and what that information was.  You may go to the first web site by clicking on the Math History Link below.  There are also two links to web search engines you may use for your additional research.