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Our Class
Virtual Chicago Field Trip!


Okay!  Now that we're on the bus we can hit the road!  Follow the links below to experience the excitement of Chicago!  Have a great time there!

Our buses leave Forsythe
 Wednesday May 28th
7:30 AM!

All right!  The first place you'll visit is the eight acres of the outstanding, incredible, and astounding MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY!  Just click on the link below to be amazed!

From the Museum we will head to our very cool Holiday Inn Holidome at Rolling Meadows where we'll be staying during our trip.  Basketball, volleyball, putt-putt, and pool tables are just some of the fun you can have there! 

The Holidome!

A Holidome room!

Nice place, huh?  There are four students to a room and two beds.  You can share or sleep on the floor.  Your decision.

You won't believe how cool the next stop on our tour is!  I think this may be my personal favorite!!!  Click on the link below to experience the wonder of the

And that, students, ends our incredible first day of the field trip!  Sleep well tonight and don't forget, we have to be at breakfast (wow, a full all you can eat buffet!) at 7:00 AM in the hotel restaurant.  If you're late a $2.00 fine per person including your chaperone.  Need I say more?


After our fulfilling (or maybe I should just say filling!) all you can eat breakfast buffet at 7:00 AM (ouch!) , we head out on a jam (no pun intended) packed day two!  Follow the links below to experience what it'll be like!

Our buses leave the hotel at 7:45 (yes, that's AM!) for the awe inspiring and towering SEARS TOWER!  Click on the links below to learn about it!

At the end of our tour of the SEARS TOWER we board our buses at 10:30 AM to head for the way cool Chicago HARD ROCK CAFE!!!  Want to know more?  Click on the link below the picture to visit the cafe!

A guitar for Gulliver?

Okay, after your hamburger, cheeseburger, veggie burger or Caesar Salad it's time (12:30 PM, remember the fine system!)  to head for our Chicago River & Lake Cruise on a Wendalla Boat!  Check their website out by clicking on the link below!

Wow, day two is just full of things that are too cool to describe!  But, we'll give it our best shot!  After our cruise we head to the absolutely incredible and amazing FIELD MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY!!!  We only have one hour and 45 minutes there so click on the link below to help you plan what you absolutely must see!

Okay, now it's 5:00 PM and we're reluctantly leaving the awesome Field Museum and getting on the buses to experience authentic Chicago Pizza at GINO'S EAST!  Check out the link below for virtual pizza!  Caution, this link will make you VERY hungry!

All right!  Your stomach is full, you've already had an incredible day , and you're thinking it couldn't get any better.  Wrong!!! It's 7:30 PM, we're boarding our buses and heading for that place that is more fun than humans should have: ESPN ZONE!!!  Maybe you've been there, maybe not, but it can't hurt to experience it by clicking on the link below.  Make sure you check out the Sports Arena (Chicago) and the Menu!

Wow! Was that a full day or what?  We're back at the hotel by 9:30 PM, and we get to sleep in!  The breakfast buffet doesn't start until 7:45 AM tomorrow morning!  Sleep well and be ready for me to be pounding on your door by 7:30 AM!

Here's Day Three
of your
Forsythe Eighth-Grade Field Trip!

Okay, we've had breakfast, it's 8:45 AM, we're done vacating our rooms, have our bags on the buses, and we're heading for that amazingly incredible place: SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA!  We're there by 10:00 AM or so and don't have to leave until we board our buses at 3:00 PM!  Check out the link below to see what SIX FLAGS will be like! 

It's 3:00 PM, we're on the buses heading home with just one more stop along the way.  A fast-food dinner and before you know it we've arrived at Forsythe at about 10:00 PM.  Your eighth-grade class trip is over, and your mind is full of wonderful memories that you will hopefully carry for the rest of your life.  We hope you had a great time and never forget it!  Adios, and we'll see you back at school Monday!