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Imagine that the United States government came to your home and forced you to move to another state, with only a few possessions, and start all over again.  How would you feel, and what are the things that you would miss the most?  This is what happened to thousands of Native Americans during the Jacksonian era. 

During your WebQuest, you will analyze the Indian Removal Act and the effects of the Trail of Tears.  Remember that there are two (or more) sides to every story.  Consider both sides and be prepared to provide insight into both.      



During your WebQuest you will use the links provided to gather the information you need to accomplish several tasks.  In addition to the five links provided at the bottom of TASK ONE there are additional links at the end of this page and all will prove useful for research on the other tasks.  In addition, there are links to Google and Ask Jeeves near the bottom of this page.  I recommend using Internet Explorer, but Netscape should work okay as well.  Please report any broken links to Mr. Rice.  Each task has specific requirements listed under the EVALUATION heading.  All work is to be finished and ready for oral presentation on Wednesday the 19th of March.  Your presentation is to include a synopsis of the newspaper article and/or editorial and a brief reading from the journals, and all group members must present equally.  It may done live or on video for which I will provide the camcorder.  It is understood that some of the work may be done outside of class though ample class time will be provided for your group to work together

     You will have three tasks to complete in your wequest.  Two will be group tasks and one will be an individual task.  The first group task will be to answer the ten questions that appear below.  You will be given a print version of the questions on which you will provide the answers.
     The second group task is to publish a newspaper and requires collaboration to provide the following items: (1) a five day journal as it would have been written by a Cherokee that made the journey on the Trail of Tears; (2) an article about the journey as if written by a newspaper reporter of the time; (3) a five day journal as if written by a soldier that made the journey; (4) an editorial of the time analyzing the national policies, issues, and events that led to the Trail of Tears.  Each of the tasks should be accompanied by at least one graphic which will not count toward the length requirement which is explained under the EVALUATION section.  If your group has only three members you may eliminate either number (2) or (4).  Group members will assist each other in research, review each other's work, provide suggestions to improve each other's work, and proofread for publication.
     For your individual project you will have several options.  You may create a map of your own of the Trail of Tears with illustrations, design a monument dedicated to the victims of the Trail of Tears, write a poem expressing your emotions about the journey, create an artifact from the time of the journey, or you may confer with Mr. Rice about a performance of some kind such as a song or a dramatic reading of your own creation. 


Group Task One

Answer the following questions, in complete sentences, using links 1 through 5 provided below.  All the information you need to answer the questions appear on these links.  You may decide how the group approaches researching to find the answers to the questions, and you should be able to answer all the questions by the end of the period. 

1. What was the Removal Act of 1830?

2. Who was President of the United States that signed the Removal Act? 

3. What were the five major Native American groups affected by the law?

4Where were these Native Americans located originally?

5What was the name of the treaty which gave all Cherokee territory east of the Mississippi River to the U.S.?  What did they get in return? Why was the treaty considered illegal by the Cherokees?

6. What were the two reasons that the Native Americans were removed from their homelands?

7.  How many Native Americans were relocated as a result of the trail of tears?

8.  Who was Samuel Cloud, and list three things he endured during his journey.

9.  What were some of the hardships that Native Americans experienced after relocating?

10. Why do you think it was called "The Trail of Tears" or "On the Trail Where They Cried?" 

Correct completion of TASK ONE will be worth 20 points.
TASK TWO: Each portion of task two will be worth 25 points for a total of 75 available points.  The journal tasks must be the equivalent of at least one and one-half typewritten pages double-spaced and must include references to the journey such as specific people,dates (they need not be consecutive), places, events, and your imagined feelings.  The newspaper article must be roughly the same length and answer the five W's: who, what, when, where, and why.  It may be about any aspect of the journey you wish including the journey as a whole or a specific person and/or event.  The editorial should also be about the same length and should include a discussion of the events that led to the journey and may include presidential views, national policy views, and/or national events.  It should explain how these things led to the Trail of Tears.  You may state an opinion of the journey if you wish and may also add any other things you discovered in your research. 
     For task two the group will receive a grade that will be determined by adding up the total points and dividing by three since there are three sections to the task.  An example would be: Native American journal 22 points; soldier journal 25 points, editorial 21 points for a total of 68 points.  68 divided by 3 = 22.67 points which would be rounded up to 23 of 25 points or 92%.
     For those of those concerned about getting a grade determined by the group there is an option for individual extra credit on the project.  Any individual may write an extra article for the newspaper about any other historical event of the time. 
TASK THREE will also be worth 25 points.  If you decide to create your own map it must be carefully drawn, have good detail, and have several illustrations that are labelled.  If you create an illustration of a monument to those who made the journey it also must be neatly drawn, use images that are revelant to the journey with an explanation of why you used them.  An artifact must have relevance to the time period of the journey, be of high quality work, and you must provide a brief written description explaining the artifact.  If you would like to do some kind of performance you should confer with Mr. Rice before beginning.