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7th Grade European Scavenger Hunt

Your job will be to use the Internet links provided to find the answers to the questions below. Place your answers on a separate sheet of paper remembering to put your name, date, and class in the upper right hand corner. Title your page: "7th Grade Scavenger Hunt". You must write all your answers in complete sentences. Skip a line between each answer. This assignment is worth fifty (50) points: 2 points per question and 10 points for neatness and following instructions. The assignment must be fully completed and neatly done to be awarded all the available points. Papers with ragged edges will not be accepted.

1. What is the capital of your country?

2. What is the population of the country?

3. What currency is used in the country.

4. What is the area of the country in square miles?

5. What is the country's form of government?

6. Name two/three (three gets 2 bonus points) famous people born in the country and why they are famous.

7. What is the average precipitation in the country?

8. What are the major crops in the country?

9. What are the major industries in the country?

10. What is the most interesting or fun fact you found about the country?

11. What is the most popular sport in the country?

12. What countries border your country?

13. On your paper draw a small color picture of the country's flag. Don't spend more than five minutes or so on the drawing but make it neat.

14. Who is the leader of the country and what is their title?

15. What religions are practiced in your country?

16. Describe the year-round climate of your country.

17.What and where are the highest and lowest points in the country?

18. What are the largest imports and exports of the country?

19. What is the latitude and longitude of the country's capital?

20. Give one important historical fact about your country.

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